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Business law is an assorted practice that incorporates many different aspects of the law. Business lawyers can represent businesses regarding their formation, employment practices, insurance offerings, patent and copyright filings, and commercial transactions and mergers. In other functions, business lawyers can control business meetings, often concerning mergers and partnership.

Criminal Lawyers - Issues that involve being framed with a crime, breach of traffic rules or cases involving jail time and jury trials, are usually dealt by Criminal Lawyers. In some states, attorneys can seek certification as a Criminal Defense Attorney. A criminal defense lawyer corresponds to clients who have been charged with an offense. Every crime is applicable to a criminal defense lawyer, and these may include anything from traffic infringement, to DUIs to more severe crimes that present the option of imprisonment and bulky fines.

Employment lawyers focus on sections of the law that deal specifically with the rights guaranteed to employees within the United States’ legal system. Under the law, employees are guaranteed a great number of rights including the rights to a minimum wage, health and safety standards, protection from discrimination and protection from unfair termination. As such, in employment law, attorneys principally deal with breaches of these rights. On individual bases, employment lawyers represent most workers’ compensation cases, work with clients to receive remuneration for unlawful termination, and ensure that wages owed to a worker are completely paid.

Immigration Law - Persons, who require lawful help with Non-Immigrant (Temporary) Visas, Immigrant Visas (Permanent Green Cards), getting hold of US Citizenship, or transportation from the United States, should confer with an Immigration Lawyer who specializes in this region of law. This has become a bigger area of the law since President Obama's recent immigration legislative order.

Intellectual Property Lawyers - Intellectual property consists of US Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright issues, including many issues linked to handling dealings on the Internet, like domain name disputes, theft or mishandling of intellectual property.

Personal injury lawyers handle issues like traffic accidents, injuries at work, harm due to defective products, slip and fall accidents, pet bites and more. In a court of law, to be awarded for injuries you suffered it must be proven that your injury was due to the negligence of another party and that the injuries you suffered were severe enough to warrant a proportional compensation. Personal injury lawyers have great expertise in arguing these points in court based on your consultations with him or her and the information that you provide. These lawyers fight and negotiate to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Real Estate Lawyers handle title searches, disagreements over real property ownership, preparation of real estate closing statements, easements, purchasing or selling your home, issues relating to the environment, disputes between proprietors and renters, zoning and use of land, eminent domain issues, disputes between neighbors or even concerns involving your possessions and pets.

Traffic lawyers are authorized experts who know the local court system that handles traffic violations. A person can frequently be not in attendance for their scheduled court appearance, achieve reduced fines and can at times keep defiance off of their record through the representation of a traffic lawyer.

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