503(b)—Administrative expenses.  Under 507(a)(1), the first parties to be paid will be those w/ administrative expenses under this section.  Under (a)—a party can timely file for an admin expense or may untimely file w/ approval from the court if there is cause.
(i)    503(b)(1)(A)—costs of preserving the estate.  This could include insurance premium on non-exempt personal prop prior to sale.
(ii)    503(b)(2):  Trustee gets paid for services under 330(a).  Trustee’s counsel will also be paid under this provision.
(iii)    503(b)—cost of disposing of estate prop takes priority as an admin expense.  This may include cost of advertising.
(iv)    Atty’s fees for atty of the debtor—not likely treated as an admin expense.  Could be if you have a sympathetic judge.