Arising to the standard of care:
a)    Standard of care is derived out of analysis–knowledge, skills, due diligence, care.
(1)    Medical contributions focus on the physician’s decision making process.
(a)    First, you must understand the knowledge base that the particular physician brings to the bed-side.  It is the education, training, and practical experience, as well as CLE.
(b)    Look next at the skills – level of confidence in procedures.  Look at the physician’s skills to see if appropriate for the problem.
(c)    Look next at due diligence.  Was there a requisite inquiry?
(d)    Look lastly, at the care and see how the treatment was rendered.
(e)    This goes on in academic conferences daily to see the type of care received by a patient.
b)    Conceptual argument that you define standard on science, and that is sufficient.