1.    Characteristics
a.    Regarded as a single owner
b.    Each tenant is seised by the share and by the whole
i.    Livery of seisin replaced by the deed
c.    Nothing really passes when a joint tenant dies, because the other joint tenant was seised of the whole even while the other joint tenant lived
d.    Requires the 4 unities (without these it is a tenancy in common):
i.    Time – interest must exist at the same time (beginning and end), any deviation makes a tenancy in common
ii.    Title – interest must arise from same transaction, intestate succession can’t create joint tenancy
iii.    Interest – all joint tenants have equal undivided shares and interests
iv.    Possession – each joint tenant must have a right to possession of the whole, granting of exclusive possession doesn’t destroy the joint tenancy
e.    Default position under Common Law – in cases of ambiguous transfers to more than one person it was the presumption