a)    The right to free speech is not absolute (even though it looks that way) [preferred rights approach to the C, not the absolutist approach, which never got majority of Court]
i)    Content Based:  Direct regulation of speech.
(1)    What is it?  A direct regulation is a content based regulation.  We make laws regarding what your message can contain; what you can communicate.
(2)    what we directly regulate (content based regulations):
(a)    clear and present danger     Shenck
(b)    fighting words        Chaplinsky
(c)    obscenity            Miller (very subjective test)
(d)    defamation            NY Times v. Sullivan
(e)    commercial speech        Central Hudson
(f)    lemon test            Reynolds & Lemon
(g)    ?compelling state interest    if there is a compelling interest, will pass strict scrut.
ii)    Content Neutral:  Indirect regulation of speech is permissible if the regulation is…
(1)    content neutral
(2)    narrowly tailored
(3)    leaves ample alternative channels