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Divorce & Family Law

Family law incorporates many areas of the law:  marriage, divorce, adoption, and child custody.  State and federal laws are frequently involved in the governance of this area of the law.    Family law involving marital and divorce issues answers questions involving:

  • same sex marriage
  • what constitutes marriage, e.g., Do you need a ceremony?
  • how to void a marriage.
  • Incest
  • Bigamy
  • How old you must be to get married.
  • How licenses are to be awarded.
  • Common law marriage

These are some of the many areas covered under the umbrella of “family law”.


Adoption law concerns the process and placement of children in the adoption process.  The adoption area has its own set of issues.  It certainly is not “clear cut”.  Some of the questions in adoption concern:

  • Can you limit adoptions by ethinic group, religion or sexual orientation?
  • Consent of the parent.
  • What is a valid adoption?
  • How do you terminate parental rights?
  • What constitutes abandonment?


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