3.    Feudal Incidents – duties other than services (tenures) owed by tenants to landlords in Feudal England
a.    Homage and Fealty – a ceremony where the tenant pledged loyalty
b.    Aids – money demanded by the landlord limited to:
i.    Ransoming of the lord by captors
ii.    Knighting of landlord’s eldest son
iii.    Marriage of landlord’s oldest daughter
c.    Forfeiture – Tenant could forfeit his land if he broke his oath (homage)
d.    Liabilities at Death of Tenant
i.    Wardship and marriage – when a tenant died leaving an heir under 21, the tenant’s lord was the heir’s guardian
1.    applied only to the military tenures
ii.    Relief – a fee charged by the landlord to release the land and allow it to pass by inheritance
iii.    Escheat – if a tenant died without heirs, his land returned to the lord
1.    also applied if tenant convicted of felony
2.    Modified escheat is still in force today when a person dies intestate without heirs, his property escheats to the state.