1.  Specific intent crime
2.  Elements
a.  Agreement between 2 or more parties
b.  Intent to agree
c.  Intent to pursue an UNLAWFUL objective (be careful, they                     have tried to trick on this point)
d.  Overt act (majority rule) – an act in furtherance of the                         conspiracy
i.  Examiners will state if they want you to use the common                     law/minority rule which does not require an overt                         act
3.  NO merger rule
4.  Liability of co-conspirators
a.  All crimes committed in furtherance of the conspiracy,
b.  Crimes that were foreseeable
5.  The agreement does not have to be express – people who don’t know                 each other can be in a conspiracy together
6.  Defenses
a.  Impossibility – NOT a defense
b.  Withdrawal – will not discharge from charge of conspiracy or                     prior crimes, but will discharge from subsequent crimes, if:
i.  Affirmative act which notifies all members
ii.  Done in time for the others to cease commission