Facts: P, was the heir to Tallman the title owner of land he acquired in 1795. In 1805,
Griswold held the premises adversely to Tallman under a warranty deed from Earll, and
in 1811, Griswold, conveyed to the land to D, who entered and continued to hold the land
until the commencement of this suit in 1840.
Issue: Does the statute of limitations over adverse possession not apply to P, because she
had a disability (that she was married and thus could not bring suit on her own) led suit
during the time the statute ran?
Holding: Affirmed.
– P claims that the statute of limitations does not run against her because she is
protected under the bill of exceptions (that she was married and under the age of
21) such that she has ten years after her disabilities are removed to file suit.
However, because the statute began running against her ancestor, and thus
continues to run against her notwithstanding any disability when the right accrues
to the latter.