Facts: Plaintiff sued Illinois state officials for violating 14th Amendment by improperly administering Fed-state programs for Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled.  Fed District Court ordered Ds to pay retroactive benefits for the misuse of the fund.

–    Ford Motor Co. v. Dept of Treasury determined that where state is implicated, even if not named, it may be barred by 11th Amen. & Fed regulation.
–    Young is only for prospective, not retroactive benefits b/c otherwise the state would be liable for damages. It is also for non-monetary relief b/c otherwise, the state would be liable.
–    The lower courts held this to be an action of equitable restitution, but SC said that it still required monetary compensation from the Revenues of the State.

Note:  Does not overrule Ex Parte Young because the relief sought in Young was prospective in nature and not amount to money damages against the State.