Sample Daubert Robinson Argument Outline
I.  The causation opinion of Dr. Pliskin is based on reliable methodology.
A. Robinson test
B. Applicable reliability factors (b/c Kumho says judge can decide what factors apply!)
1.  not exclusive
2.  some Robinson factors are inapplicable
a.  rate of error
b.  subjectivity
3.  Robinson factors that are applicable
a.  non-judicial uses
b.  publication
c.  peer review
d.  general acceptance
4.  other factors are applicable
a.  expertise
b.  availability of other experts
c.  In re Paoli (US) says other factors that may exist
C.  Dr’s methodology is reliable (apply the factors)
1.  non judicial uses
a.  what it means
b.  facts in this case:  non judicial uses you have
c.  evidence supporting (cite deposition of expert saying that he does experiments for non-lit rzns)
2.  publication
3.  peer review
4.  general acceptance
5.  expertise
6.  availability of other experts
here you need evidence!!! make a record of the factual matters that support your argument on each of these factors
II.  the methods are reliably applied, etc etc
III.  helpful