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Health Care Law

Health Law is the law, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence that cover a wide range of legal concerns, from healthcare law, mental health, public health, technology and medical care, to medicine, and the total healthcare field, including specific laws governing the health industry: physicians, nurses, hospitals and health systems, health maintenance organizations, health insurers, managed care corporations, nursing facilities, home care providers, and the relationship among them and patients. A central and historic responsibility for the world health organization has been the management of the international system for the control of the international spread of disease. The World Health Organization Constitution bestows upon the health assembly the authority to adopt regulations designed to prevent the international spread of diseases

Public health law focuses on legal issues in public health practice and on the public health effects of legal practice. Public health law classically has three major areas of practice: police power, disease and injury prevention, and the law of populations. Police power areas are employed by governmental agencies. Bio terrorism is a growing center of this practice area, and public health lawyers have worked in the creation of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act and the Model State Public Health Act. Disease and injury prevention is a broader area of public health law applies legal means to public health problems associated with disease and injury. Practitioners apply regulation, legislation, international law and private enforcement, to public health problems using the law as an instrument of public health. Litigation or private enforcement against tobacco companies in the United States provides an excellent example. Population based legal analysis is the theoretical base of public health law. The law of populations is a fairly new theoretical frame work in jurisprudence that seeks to analyze legal problems by means of the tools of epidemiology. These legal analyses can be applied to traditional public health problems but also has application in environmental law, zoning, verification, and complex tort.

Healthcare reform characteristically endeavors to broaden the population that obtains health care treatment through either public sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies. They make efforts to expand the range of health care providers that consumers may choose among and improve the access to health care specialists. They are also concerned with the quality of health care provided and attempts to decrease the cost of health care facilities.

The health care industry treats patients who are injured, sick, disabled, or in poor health. The provision of modern health care facilities depends on expanding the inter-disciplinary and experienced team of trained professionals. The first group of Health care equipment and services consist of companies that provide medical equipment, medical supplies, and health care, such as hospitals, home health care providers, and nursing homes. The second industry group of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & related life sciences comprises sectors companies that produce biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and miscellaneous scientific services. Medical tourism also called medical travel, health tourism or global health care is a term originally coined by travel agencies and the mass media to describe the rapidly growing practice of traveling across international borders to acquire health care. Thus, with the growing problems of health issues and easy accessibility of the health care facilities the problems of health care are being managed with mush more ease by the patients.

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