Holding: 14th Amend was race specific. Its one purpose was the freedom of slaves, and the establishment & protection of that freedom. Distinguished b/w US citizenship & State citizenship (based on the first sentence of 14th Amend). Fundamental civil rights (like this one) are domain of states. The rights of US citizenship could not be infringed upon by states.
RULE: This case stands for the proposition that (1) the right to pursue lawful occupation is not a privilege and immunity that an article III court can hold that a state must recognize and protect where the state has not undertaken to recognize and protect such a right. (2) The Fourteenth Amendment cannot be construed to provide a fundamental right to pursue occupation, without obstacles to pursuit of occupation is not deprivation of property right that is a fundamental right. (3) The 14th Amendment was intended to account for the freedom of the slaves, but it does not only apply to Negroes.