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Law School

Law school requires students to participate in the postgraduate program for three years in order to earn the juris doctorate degree (J.D.).  The first year, 1L, requires students to engage in the study of various courses, including:  Civil Procedure, Torts, Property, Contracts, Professional Responsibility, and legal writing.  However, as students progress into the second (2L) and third years (3L),  they gain the ability to take more elective classes.  These are some of the basic courses of study that most law school students inevitably take:

Civil Prodedure Cases
Constitutional LawComparative Fault
Constitutional Law QuestionsConstitutional Law CasesTort Defenses
Emotional DistressLaw Student ResourcesProperty Law
TortsLaw FirmsTort Cases
PropertyProperty Law CasesTort Law Cases
EvidenceCivil Procedure

Tort Law Cases

Tort Law Questions

How to law school students study?

One difference between law school and other levels of education is the emphasis on one comprehensive exam at the end of the semester.  Throughout the semester, students spend excruciating hours in classes that are taught via the Socratic Method.  The law professor goes through case after case, asking questions and encouraging the student to “think” like a lawyer.  At the end of the semester, most classes offer one comprehensive exam that reflects the entire semester’s course of study.

Typically, students take notes throughout the semester and they take the notes and compile them into an “outline” of the class. Law students are known for making and trading outlines.

What are some of the complaints of law students?

Law students frequently complain that they spend a semester of study and have a test at the end of the semester that does not accurately reflect the body of knowledge – all the material – discussed throughout the semester.

How many law schools are there?

Currently, there are 196 accredited law schools across the Unites States.

What are the top law schools?

There are many great law schools, from the Ivy League schools to smaller schools.  But, these are the top 25 law schools:

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