Adjusted Gross Income:
i.    Code: 62(a)
ii.    Reg: 1.62-1T(a); 1.162-17(a)-(c)
iii.    62: AGI is defined as GI minus the deductions specified by 62.
iv.    AGI deductions are primarily, but not exclusively, business or profit-related deductions that are intended to yield the net amount available to a taxpayer to pay for food, housing and other costs of living.
v.    note: under 62(a)(1), non-employees may deduct all business expenses other than those arising under 211 – 219, on the other hand, 62(a)(2) allows employees only to deduct business expenses that have been reimbursed by their employer.  Moral: it is much better to be an employer than an employee.
1.    aside: 62(a)(2)(B); applies to performing artist who may deduct any 162 business expense in arriving at AGI