a plan may contain following:
(1)    provisions that classify claims.
(2)    Modification of rights of holder of secured claims, other than a claim secured by an SI in the debtors principal residence.  May also modify rights of holders of unsecured claims.
(3)    May provide for cure or waiving of default.
(4)    Provide for payments an any unsecured claim to be made concurrently w/ payments on any secured claim or any other unsecured claim.
(5)    Provide for curing of default and maintenance of payments while the case is pending on any unsecured claim or secured claim on which the last payment is due after the date on which the final payment under the plan is due.
(6)    Provide for payment of any 1305 claim.
(7)    Provide for assignment, assumption or rejection of an executory K under §365
(8)    Provide for payment of part or all of debt w/ prop of estate or debtor.
(9)    Include Any other provision consistent w/ title.