P&Is of federal citizenship under 14th am. (correlative rts; c/L per Crandall, too)
1.    recognized by Crandall v. Nevada (rt to travel) before 14th am. passed
2.    P&Is of federal citizenship under 14th cannot be abridged by anyone, even civilians! (per Crandall, not the 14th am.)
3.    P&Is of federal citizenship are correlative rights & can’t be abridged by states or civilians; correlative rights come from the federal government’s national character
4.    the correlative rights:
a)    interstate travel
b)    access to art. III courts
c)    access to federal marshal
d)    run for office
e)    petition Congress for redress of grievances
f)    protection on high seas
g)    one person, one vote
h)    not the BOR’s guarantees (only enforceable v. state action) Twining