c.    Qualified Employee Discounts
i.    An employee discount is defined as “the amount by which:
1.    the price of the property or services are provided to the employee by the employer is less than
2.    the price at which such property or service are being offered by the employer to customers” 132(c)(3)
ii.    132(c)(4):  the exclusion is not available for discounts on real property or on any personal property of investment kind, such as securities and gold coins.
iii.    132(c)(1)(B):  a discount cannot exceed 20% of the price of the employers customers
iv.    132(c)(2):  the discount percentage on goods may not exceed the employer’s “profit percentage” determined by reference to the sales price to customers compared w. the employer’s cost for the merchandise
v.    Also subject to the:
1.    non-discrimination
2.    line of business