Special Relationships
1.Restatement 315 – There is no duty to control the conduct of a 3rd person as to prevent him from causing physical harm to another unless:
a.a special relationship exists between the actor and the third person which imposes a duty upon the actor to control the 3rd person’s conduct OR
b.a special relationship exists between the actor and the other which gives the other a right to protection.
Kline v. 1500 Mass – landlord has duty to take steps to protect tenants from foreseeable criminal acts commited by 3rd parties. 
a.Colleges or Universities – Duty to exercise reasonable care on its’ property
b.Common Carriers – Duty to give utmost care
c.Condominiums – No special relationship, therefore no duty.
d.Shopping Malls – Duty in the open areas only.  Inside store – No duty.
2.Tarrasoff – Tatiana Case
A.Is there a duty to protect when a (doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, etc.) learns that client will commit injury on a 3rd party?
*In CA – yes, one may breach confidence to warn others