Trial: right to trial by jury
1. General: right to a jury trial attaches when A tried for offense where maximum authorized punishment exceeds 6 months
2. Contempt: no right in civil; in criminal, right to jury  if cumulative penalties greater than 6 months are imposed; summarily imposed contempt can exceed 6 months punishment without jury; up to 5 yrs probation without jury as long as active sentence if revoked is not more than 6 months
3. Number and unanimity of jurors: at least 6 jurors required; unanimity required for 6 people; 10-2 and 9-3 have been approved for 12 people
4. Right to venire selected from representative cross-section of community: must show under-representation of a distinct and numerically significant group in the venire
5. Peremptory challenges:  using for race and gender discrimination is unconstitutional