Property Offenses
A.  Larceny
1.  Elements
a.  A taking
b.  And carrying away
c.  Of tangible personal property
d.  Of another
e.  Without consent
f.  With the intent to deprive them of it permanently AT THE                     TIME OF THE TAKING
2.  If you believe it is yours or that you have a right to it, larceny is not                 present

B.  Embezzlement
1.  Elements
a.  The fraudulent
b.  Conversion
c.  Of property
d.  Of another
e.  By a person in lawful possession of that property
2.  There is no requirement of a personal benefit
3.  The embezzler gets possession, not title
4.  If you believe it is yours or have a right to it, embezzlement is not                 present
C.  False pretenses
1.  Elements
a.  Obtaining title
b.  To the property of another
c.  By an intentional (or knowing) false statement of past or                     existing fact
d.  With the intent to defraud another
2.  Present or past fact only
3.  Actually obtains title
D.  Robbery
1.  Elements (larceny + assault)
a.  A taking
b.  Of personal property of another
c.  From the other’s person or presence
d.  By force or intimidation
e.  With the intent to permanently deprive him of it
E.  Extortion (blackmail)
1.  Definition – obtaining property from another by means of certain oral                 or written threats
2.  Distinguished from robbery
a.  Don’t have to take from the person or his presence
b.  Can be threat of a future harm as well as past/present