1.Liability – Multiple Defendants
Joint: implies that each of several D’s is responsible for the entire loss that they all caused in part and
Several:  holds each D responsible only for his proportionate share of the loss.

 a.Contribution – where joint liability exists, D1 may seek recovery against another D2 
who has not paid the fair share
b.Indemnity – D1 seeks recovery of full amount from another D2
c.No Contribution- where joint liability exists.  No D may obtain contribution from another D.
d.Contribution Plus Settlement Bar – same as contribution but by settling (not proceeding to judgment) a part escapes any liability for contribution.
e.Claim Reduction- By accepting settlement from any party the P foregoes ability to  collect from the remaining D’s any damages attributable to the settling parties share of fault. Remaining D’s are not entitled to contribution from the settling party.